JO AN NA "la revetlla"


Wedding invitations, 2015

Project created with GratStudio

It wasn’t a wedding but a "revetlla" (festivity), the festivity of the Eve of St John, the summer solstice; a magical night, the shortest night of the year, full of fire. In the olden days, they used to go and gather herbs for protection from the forces of evil, but today we throw thousands of firecrackers and launch hundreds of fireworks.

We created the invitations by attaching three matchboxes, side by side, like a puzzle. Each of them contained an illustration: the head, the body or the legs of Anna or Joan. Each invitation was a combination of the bride and the groom, making one single person. There were a thousand-and-one possible combinations!

The interiors of the boxes were also different: one of them contained cebetes (firecrackers for kids), another confetti, and the third one herbs.

The little boxes were presented on a sheet of paper which we painted using the colour produced by firecracker powder. This sheet contained all the information that the bride and groom wanted to convey.

We also used this idea to reproduce the boxes in a larger size and on the wedding day they were positioned in the banqueting area. These boxes also contained messages from the bride and groom for the guests.

The illustrations were also used on the menus so everyone could draw another Anna or Joan. And on some giant boxes that were used for the photo-shoot.

GratStudio designed a fantastic logo, the combination of ANNA I JOAN, JO AN NA, creating a single name. The logo was used in various places such as the menus, the gifts, in the form of illuminated letters… and also on the rings.